Hello! Allow me to introduce myself: I'm a technical artist at Double Fine Production in San Francisco - interested in many things including art, visual effects, graphics programming, video games and music. I should consider using a blog for my rambling experiments, but I can't quite seem to make a habit of it, so instead I tend to update this site about once a year.




11-2-11: Time to remove cobwebs, yet again.

10-10-10: More stuff. Cool date!

1-10-10: Speaking with Pete Demoreuille at GDC 2010 on the Visual Effects of Brutal Legend!

10-13-09: Brutal Legend launches!

10-15-08: Flashified galleries and removed cobwebs.

3-28-08: Finally got around to learning Python. It's as awesome as everyone always told me it would be. I'm working on a maya particle disk cache (pdc) importer/exporter to do some experiments with scientific visualization right now. I'm still not completely sold on replacing Mel with Python, but this PyMel plugin looks like it could do the trick [edit: it totally does!]

3-14-08: Fabio Policarpo is joining the graphics team at Double Fine! I've been a fan of Fabio's work since I first started in the industry and even implemented his Curved Relief Mapping paper (see the first update at the bottom of the page). How cool is that.

3-01-08: Started the Bay Area VFX Group. Drinking beer while complaining about ribbon folding is much more fun than you would ever guess.

2-01-08: Finally uploaded some old videos from college. Check out Mutagen X (Part I - Part II), and the Super-8 Cuba video. Now those were some good times...

11-05-07: Brutal Legend, the game I've been doing technical art and visual effects for has finally been announced! For more info, check out the DoubleFine News page.

2-5-06: Posted a Zbrush render from a new model I'm experimenting with.

1-22-06: New look for site. Check out my 3ds max 8 implementation of Curved Relief Mapping.