Double Fine Happy Action Theater


Technical Art, Graphics, Visual Effects

Iron Brigade (aka Trenched)


Technical Art and Visual Effects

Brutal Legend



Technical Art, Visual Effects and Lighting

Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend

I had the privilege of working on particle effects, shaders, lighting, climates, pipelines, feature dev, gigantic flaming zeppelins and fountains of blood.

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  • Brutal Legend

    Spiderman 3 PSP

    Preproduction art pipeline and tools.

    Spiderman3 psp

    Physics Thesis

    Normal Mode Analysis of the Clathrin Cage and other Semi-Rigid Systems

    Here is the work, in a nutshell:
    Simple geometric objects are treated as if the vertices are little masses, and the edges are springs. After a performing a normal mode analysis, you can find (and visualize), the basic units of motion that compose all possible vibrations. This technique was applied to the neurotransmitter Clathrin in an effort to gain insight into its role in vesicle formation.

    Mars Telemetry Rendering

    Photographs Showing Landscape, Geological,and Other Features of Portions of the Planet Mars

    I collaborated with Reed College Professor Ethan Jackson and fellow students John Waugh and Laura Diamond to generate and render NASA telemetry data from mars. Instead of focusing on photorealism, we experimented with notions of visualization and the presentation of an impossibly distant place. This was my introduction to mesh/billboard particle instancing, procedural mesh generation, and melscript in Maya.

    Disaster Simulation

    As a Member of Technical Staff at Oregon3D, I developed disaster simulation media for the city. We already had access to autocad geometry of Portland Oregon, and I processed it for rendering with 3ds max, adding particle effects, water and other fun bits.