Most of my scripts are project specific and wouldn't be very useful for general use, however here are a couple that I find particularly interesting and might be fun for someone else to play around with.

Maya PDC (Particle Disk Cache) exporter

This script generates the Maya particle disk cache format. I've been wanting to be able to do this for quite a while since it makes it possible to leverage maya's particle renderer for fun experiments like these spherical harmonics visualizations:

3ds Max curved relief mapping coefficient generator

This script computes the quadric curvature of an editable_mesh per vertex, and stores the calculated quadric coefficients in a vertex data channel (map channel).  Combine this with the provided "Curved Relief Mapping" HLSL shader, and you should be able to recreate the effect seen in the vfx section.

Maxscript: Super Quadric Computation (Currently has no UI - just run the script while an editable_mesh is selected)

HLSL: Curved Relief Mapping Shader (Requires PixelShader 3.0 capable GFX card AND the script above)